Running is a very pure sport. You do it all by yourself, nothing to hide behind. No bike you sit on, no ball you run after and no opponents you have to work against.

“The Running Helper Troops”

The downside is that running is one of the sports where you get injured the fastest. It is therefore very important to listen carefully to your body and to have it properly cared for. In this blog, I want to break the line for ‘De Auxiliary Troops’.

The masseuse

First of all there is the masseuse who (thank God) lives in my street, takes care of my monthly 300 km turn and is also always ready for the first-aid-with-unfortunate-many-walked-aches. Jammed calves, crookedness of the SI joint sore muscles, she does not turn her hand around it and after an hour of infernal pain I am completely new again.

The physical therapist

For the more severe injuries, I blindly trust my physiotherapist. An absolute crazy man and always focused on getting you back on track as quickly as possible. Where a doctor would say: ‘Just sit with your leg up for 6 weeks’, he will ensure that you (wherever possible) can train fine. He is a true artist with the well-known colored Kinesiotape and I often come from with a nice piece of art on my leg.

The manual therapist

This spring I met the manual therapist for the first time. Unbelievable what this artist can do with your body and it is wonderful to see how, with the help of his own body, he brings all the parts that have come out of line to the right place.

You do it yourself but not alone!

I have personally experienced how much you expect from your body when you train for a marathon. Even though you stretch and stretch so well, the ointments cannot be dragged on and there are more ice packs in the freezer than food … Sometimes the skillful hands of the heroes mentioned above are needed to keep you walking. So people, you have to do running yourself, but not on your own. Invest in the auxiliary troops and I predict you will enjoy running with minimal injuries!