Before You Were Hot – Stories

The following are a collection of real-life stories from ugly ducklings turned swans…

Molly and Lauren: Hairspray and Braces

“My best friend Lauren and I had just turned 13. We were at a luncheon in Beverly Hills for some type of fundraising charity (we were junior members). I lived down the street from her and I remember her coming over about three hours in advance so we could ‘get ready’ together. Her Dad worked for Jafra at thetime so we had way too much make-up at our disposal.

“A bottle of foundation and a can of hairspray later I don’t think we looked better than when we started. I had not yet realized that my fluorescent blonde hair was actually curly so I had spent a painful amount of additional time trying to blow-dry it straight. You can tell that we both have braces from the discomfort in our facial expressions. My glasses are the ubiquitous Marchon frame that were available in a variety of speckled colors as well as a pearly lavender which I also had.”

Kelli: Circle Glasses

“This is my fourth-grade school picture in Hiawatha, KS, and I am totally rocking that ‘child of the 90s’ look. It is so obvious that my mother dressed me. I’ve got the giant floral shirt, (which I got rid of, just recently, actually) my teeth (pre-braces), my awesome PERM, and my circle glasses. Yep, I was one cool kid.”

Mary: Fuzzy Pageboy

“This one was taken when I was in 7th grade. As a kid I spent years begging my mother to shave my head (she refused). Our compromise was this sort of fuzzy pageboy look that was accomplished with a flowbie. The icing on the cake were those two butterfly clips just sort of holding back the absurdity as best as their little plastic jaws could manage. Tack on my extreme love of The Far Side, as explained by my shirt, and you’ve got one hell of an ugly duckling… quack.”