You have runners in all shapes and sizes. You have the knuckles, joggers, haulers, pistils, beaters and the die-hard-ultra-runnens. I am a hover myself, in every sense of the word.

On the one hand; my feet only make short contact with the ground due to my forefoot landing. Because of this, the moment that I ‘float’ is very long.

On the other hand; running makes me float. It is so much more than just running a bit because moving is healthy.

Far, further, furthest

I prefer to walk long and far and often too. Everything is favorite between 20 and 30 km. The die-hard-utra runners now think: ‘oh girl, that’s a block around’ .. well, for me these distances are far enough to really relax and float.

There is not always that floating, and certainly not from the beginning. During the first few kilometers, my body usually struggles a bit. It creaks, squeaks and protests until it realizes that we are really going to run that whole colder end again. Then it recovers, my breathing becomes calm, my feet tick rhythmically over the asphalt. Sounds crazy, but it hardly takes any effort and it feels like I can run on forever.

Unprecedented flow thanks to running

Once in this flow, the mental float can begin. My thoughts are in places where they normally do not rest and suddenly I can put my finger on such an indefinable feeling that I sometimes get up at work or at home where it is not entirely clear at first what is going on. And the creative boost is enormous… During a 20 km round I rhyme a whole Sinterklaas poem together and during 30 km I solve complete world problems.

Running competitions? â€¦ Bleh

What also makes me a glider is that I do not like schedules … And also not competitions. With a competition you have to perform at a predetermined moment and that gives me enormous stress. Normally I kind of let it all happen.

With good legs I walk on ‘everything out of the closet’ and set a super time, but that has never been decided beforehand. In a competition it must come out at the predetermined time. The adrenalin build-up starts the moment I have registered, with the result that I sleep poorly for weeks and terrorize my environment.

My first marathon!

I seriously considered designing my first marathon and running on my own. In the end I opted for an official marathon (Kevelaer 06-01-2013) because I am so vain again that I want a medal for 42.2 km and people on the sidelines that HUP! call.

Eventually, after a stressful preparation, it all worked out well (end time 3:40), but in all my wisdom (and at the urgent request of my love), I decided to stop competing and stay afloat!

Why are you running?

What kind of runner are you? Do you want to be yourself or is it one of your basic necessities? And what does it do to you? Do you always come back happier than you did, or does it cost you a lot of energy?