Be More Confident

A lot of people nowadays lack confidence and self-esteem. However, to be honest, we all know that is a bad thing especially if it weighs down on our daily lives. As such, we must try our best to overcome our insecurities and become more confident about ourselves. 

I went through the same experience before as any other people who had little confidence. There were times when I feel so shy and I couldn’t even talk to other people. It became worse to the point that when I had to sell my old house to the, I suffered from difficulty in communicating while doing so. I was very annoyed with myself that time and to be honest, this problem even caused me to not only hate myself but those other people surrounding me also.  

When I was still younger, I was never really confident about my looks or how I appeared in front of other people. I’ve been so shy and timid even when I went to high school. But then, I realized that my self-pity and lack of confidence won’t do me any good. There were situations that demanded me to interact other people. Being awkward or shy just won’t be to my advantage. So, before going to college, I tried my very best to gain more confidence. I did it because I discovered that I really need to change. My friends were very supportive and although they nag me a lot sometimes, their words helped me to forget about my self-pity and insecurities. I know that was the time I needed to become more confident. 

I tried to interact more as days pass by. I started with my friends, then schoolmates. Soon after, I tried also making small talks even to those people I don’t know. My fashion sense improved as well and to be honest, my newly improved style brought more confidence in me. Improving my own style is something that made me feel better even if it’s just a simple thing. I tried making myself look more appealing and nice in many ways. I know looks aren’t the most important thing but looking presentable and clean is something that will boost more the way you look at your self. These simple things I improved about myself helped me a lot. I know that confidence is not just about your style or looks, and it comes from inside yourself but it was a start.  

One of my motivations that removed my insecurities is the idea that I am someone who is capable of a lot of things. I always keep in mind that I have great talents and potential. This made me see myself in a better light. Without being shy or awkward I learned to make more friends while leaving my insecurities and self-pity behind. My past wasn’t really the best thing that happened but now that I’m becoming more confident about myself, I know I could make my future better. I remember that I even tried to search or learn how to be more confident and how to avoid being shy. Everything I picked up from people’s advice helped me a lot and urged me to become better, but nothing helped me more than my own self. After all, confidence is within ourselves, we only have to bring out the best of us.