About Us

We at Before You Were Hot believe that at the heart of every swan, there was once an ugly duckling. This is why we have launched this website BEFORE YOU WERE HOT. We are calling on you, our hot peers to send us your awkward, ugly duckling photos from before you blossomed into that ugly duckling look alike that you are today. Bonus points if you show us photos featuring your bad perm or headgear.

This is all in good spirits, like “we were all in this awkward phase together.” Keep it clean, people!
The entire point of this website is really to show that people can transform into better versions of themselves. Our aim is two-fold – to increase the confidence of people who are in that awkward phase and show that they can truly change; and to showcase the kind of transformation that you have undergone.
In doing so, we are providing inspiration for people so that they can move past their ugly, awkward stage. The stories that you share will provide them with possible ways to enable that change.
Sharing your story and your photo can go a long away in boosting the confidence of other people, especially teenagers and youngsters who suffer from the predicament. At the same time, it will help prevent depression and enhance mental health. It will also prevent possible cases of bullying.
So we urge you to tell your stories and submit your photos now. Help us make a difference in the lives of other people who are depressed and suffering from very low self-esteem.
If you want to submit a story or photo, please follow the instructions on our story submission page. Don’t be shy! Our BYWR creators Anne and Melissa have also submitted their stories. What’s more, we now have a big community of people who are continuously contributing.
PS-“Hot,” in our terms, is a state of mind. If you feel it, we feel it!